Saturday, July 2, 2011

Announcing Accretionary Wedge #36

The subject of this Accretionary Wedge is:

"What do you regret leaving behind at a geological locality?"

In other words, what samples, specimens, or even photographs do you regret "not getting enough of"?

One mindset is that we should only pick up a few of whatever the item-of-interest is and leave some for others, but there are other considerations.  Sometimes outcrops get destroyed by construction...I have had that happen several times.  And weathering and erosion are always "attacking" fossils, minerals, etc..

So go back and revive those old memories of places that you may never have a chance to visit again.  It may inspire another geologist of two to pick up a few more specimens at a site - which of course can be shared along the way with other geologists or students if you find yourself in a classroom.  A well-timed gift to a student may be the genesis of a new scientist.

Ya'll have at it.  Please send your submissions by July 16th or so.  So that I might assemble and post the results by the following Monday.


  1. Here's my contribution:

  2. Here's mine

  3. Here's another leaving on the field وادي البطيخ

  4. Enjoy:

  5. Here is my post for this week's Wedge. It is my first geoblog post so I welcome thoughts and advice!