Saturday, July 30, 2011

Accretionary Wedge #37 Seeking Posts on - Sexy Geology...

August 26th is the deadline for your photos and stories of "Sexy Geology".

The host site - "Outside the Interzone" describes the desired type of story as: "...geology that makes your heart race, your pupils dilate. Rocks and exposures that make you feel woozy and warm. Structures and concepts that make your skin alternately sweaty and covered with goosebumps. Places you've visited, read about, or seen photos of that make you feel weak-kneed, and induce a pit in your stomach."

The original Accretionary Wedge site has this link on the subject.

This brings forth some interesting thoughts and I will try to have something, soon. Without getting "racy", that is. People think we are crazy enough as it is.

[Note: For what it is worth, to avoid any confusion, my regular "What a Geologist Sees" Parts 36 & 37 happen to chronologically coincide with Accretionary Wedge Posts #36 and #37. This is by shear accident.]

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