Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Spring Renewal

 For a variety of personal reasons (maybe to be discussed later - in part), my science blogging has been neglected for the past year.
I intend to change that.  That is why I posted this image of Trout Lilies, an early-Spring wildflower of the Georgia Piedmont and Blue Ridge.  These particular flowers were at Mt. Arabia in DeKalb County.  It took me three years of efforts to get this photo, due to missed flowering seasons and camera malfunctions.  When I finally got this photo, thankfully the ground was dry as I had to lay down to properly photograph these recumbent flowers.  Getting that flower photographed was on my "Bucket List".
Other plants on my Photo Bucket List include Wild Ginseng, Indian Squawroot, perhaps re-photographing Pink Lady Slipper and a few others, now that I have a better camera.
Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to impart information on science subjects and other subjects which may have subtle connections and learning opportunities that can be applied to the study of science.  In an effort to shake the "winter blues", I intend to be busier here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Just an update...

Notice:  A significant number of posts (mid-2011 to early-March of 2015) have notations of "previously posted on such-and-such date", i.e., these were rescued from a now-retired blog of mine.  Here is given notice that unless the prior date is needed for pertinence, it will be retired from the titles - gradually.  This is being done to simplify the titles, not for any nefarious, fraudulent reasons. 

IOW, these were posted over a period of several years (2005 - 2008) on the other blog and I started copying/moving them to this newer blog.  I had put time and passion into these posts.  If any of them have now-disconnected internal links to the retired-blog, I will be fixing those, too.  Gradually.

Thank you for your time, visits, and thoughtful, constructive comments.