Monday, June 26, 2017

Revisiting the Geo-Bucket List

Back on March 5, 2015, my sporadic blogging included a post of "wishes".  A significant number of "life events" have transpired since then, and in the interest of resurrecting a regular posting regimen, another look is herein taken at my "Geo-Bucket List".

As for items to collect, nothing has changed.   As then-posted:

"A decent zircon crystal, a decent topaz crystal, a complete trilobite, and a complete ammonite. A crinoid calyx with at least a portion of the column would be nice, too."

After my wife's passing on May 1, 2015 and the subsequent - but planned - move of my daughter's family from here to Glendale, AZ, the following two years provided reasons for four Georgia-to-Phoenix (and back) trips.  Two in 2015, one in 2016, and one in 2017.  (Future writing plans include photographs and "Geo-Vignettes" from these trips.)

While the trips did offer renewed opportunities to visit (or revisit) "western places" for observation and photography, as the first three were during the "heat of the summer" and the last was on a tight schedule, there weren't many collecting opportunities.  (There were plans for Mason, TX topaz collecting in 2016, but a personal error precluded that.  It will be discussed in a following post.)

So, on to the 2015 "Geo-Bucket List", these were items "checked off", even if the visits were short.  [The current intention is to provide a separate post for each one.]

[One additional thought:  "Bucket Lists" and the checking-off of items therein are personal endeavors which - when properly executed - should provide a level of personal satisfaction and confidence building.  But when these successful items are completed, they can reach a greater "value" is achieved by using them as "teachable moments" to inspire others.]

Monument Valley, AZ/UT.  Made two brief visits during June and July, 2015.   A more thorough visit was planned for July 2016, but heavy rains prevented exploring the "back country".

Grants, New Mexico basalt flows.  Made a brief photo-stops during July, 2015 and during July, 2016.

Clayton-Raton Volcanic Field, NE New Mexico.  Spent approximately a half-day in the area on Mid-July, 2015.  Lots of photos, but I was still learning the nuances of DSLR cameras.

Sunset Crater, Flagstaff, AZ area.  
Visited area for a few hours in Mid-July, 2015.

Arches National Park, Moab, UT area.  Revisited in 2016.  Spent half a day, conquering the "photo demons" that caused the jamming of my camera shutter during 1977 and 1979 visits.

Vicksburg, MS loess.   Stopped and found a suitable outcrop, Late-July, 2015.  Collected samples and got photos.  I finally got to touch the stuff.

More geo-musings to follow.