Saturday, October 27, 2012

Accretionary Wedge #50 Field Camp Memories...Getting Yelled at...

From 35 years ago (Gasp!)...

He was a true character.  I have other stories to tell about Dr. Earl M. P. Lovejoy, but those will have to wait.

Rule Number 1 for Dr. Lovejoy's UTEP Field Camp - Everyone got yelled at along the way.  Just part of the deal.  Usually it was over our perceived lack of plane table and alidade skills or something else that didn't meet with his approval.  Usually the statement was; "This map is terrible.  Why are you in Geology?  Why aren't you in Sociology?"

[A little background, as an undergrad at Georgia Southern, in the second quarter there - Spring of 1973, due to a late registration time, Historical Geology was closed out and I was forced to get Sociology as a class.  To shorten the story, I partied too much and flunked the course.  Failing Freshman Sociology.  Oh well.]

When it came my time to be yelled at (with the standard line), I turned to Dr. Lovejoy and yelled back "Well, I flunked Sociology, what the hell was I supposed to do?"  Reportedly, almost no one ever rendered Dr. Lovejoy speechless, but I did (and became sort of a folk hero for doing so).  He shook his head and walked away, probably chuckling about it later.

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