Monday, January 17, 2011

What a Geologist Sees - Part 27B [Original Post Date 5/04/09]

...or would like to see.

Somewhat related to the last numbered What a Geologist Sees post (#27), here are the Top 15 places I would like to visit or revisit, now that I have a digital camera - after #1 in no particular order. [I may expand this to 20, later.]

1) Arches National Monument - I have been there twice (1977 and 1979) and both times my 35mm film camera crapped out.

2) Monument Valley, AZ and UT

3) Antelope Canyon, AZ

4) Valles Caldera, near Los Alamos, NM and some of the nearby Rio Grande Rift features, including some south of Albuquerque.

5) The basalt flows along I-40 near Grants, NM

6) Mount Saint Helens

7) Hawaii - primarily the big island

8) Zion National Park

9) Portions of Wisconsin, where there are glacier-related landforms. When I was there in 1982, I inadvertently opened the back of my 35 mm without reeling the exposed film back into the cartridge. D'oh! My brewery photos were safe on another roll, but I lost all of my geology slides.

10) Glacier National Park

11) Aden Basalt Field, southern New Mexico - I learned to hate it when I was working on my Master's Thesis 20+ years ago, but I actually miss those monotonous flows. There are many things to enjoy and photograph while doing a walkabout.

12) Yellowstone National Park - last time I visited was 35 years ago.

13) Devil's Tower, NE Wyoming

14) Exposures of the Niobrara Chalk in Kansas, Castle Rock and Monument Rocks. Better still, somewhere where collecting fossils from the chalk is legal.

15) Yosemite National Park - again, last visit 35 years ago.

16) I would like to replicate my 1974 trip across the western U.S. with a non-geologist friend. This time, I would insist on stopping to take some more photos. As I was still an undergrad at that time, I would have a much better idea of what I waas looking at this time. (I will update more later.)

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