Monday, January 17, 2011

What a Geologist Sees - Part 26B [Original Post Date 2/25/09]

Just a few more photos from my 1979 job in the Bisti Badlands of San Juan County, New Mexico.

The uppermost photo is from a clinker zone, which I may have explained in the previous post on this subject. It is basically baked shale from adjacent to a burned coal seam. On the left is a stem of some sort and on the right is a leaf fragment.

The second photo is of a permineralized (petrified) stump. I hope it somehow got hauled of to a museum or a geology department. It was way too heavy for me to move, though I would love to have something like this in my front yard.

The third photo is of one of the areas rich in permineralized logs. We were to collect samples from each of these and mark them on the map. I hope that the University of New Mexico gathered up these logs before the mine opened.

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