Sunday, December 12, 2010

To Any Visitors...a Reminder

If you have happened across this blog, I am in the process of copying my science (mostly Geology) posts from my original, eclectic blog. This is being done for those who wish not to delve into politics or for those that disagree with my politics. Whatever.

I considered reposting using the original dates in the post options, but that would give the impression of this blog being older than it is (this is just an idea I had a couple of days ago).

I don't have time to blog everyday, as in addition to my part-time Junior College teaching position, I have a full-time online job with a consulting firm that serves the oil and gas drilling industry. The purpose of quickly posting all of the existing Geololgy posts is to allow me to write new ones when time and the spirit move me. On my original blog, the "What a Geologist Sees" series is up to Part 33, with 34 in progess.

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