Friday, December 10, 2010

Beer as a Geological Side-Interest

As beer is a favored beverage of Geologists, this is the initiation of a post that will be completed time permits.

BTW, in our local chapter of the BCCA (Brewery Collectibles Club of America), we have 3 Geologists and one Meteorologist.

To be brief, we will divide the "Beer Era" in the United States into the 1) Colonial origins to mid-1970s (Phase 1); and 2) The Craft-Brewing Era (Phase 2).

Of a side interest in my collecting of beer cans and related items of "breweriana" are those items that; 1) Have Geological or Geographical-related names, e.g., Oxbow Beer, Rocky Mountain Beer, Obsidian Stout; or 2) Have Geological or Geographical-related images on their labels; or both.

A Geologist/beer can collector could also highlight cans found during Geological Field Work. For me, that has been rather sparse.

Photos are planned for inclusion in this post, later.

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