Wednesday, August 2, 2017


As everything changes with nature, changes occur here, too.

There is a new "co-blog", Itinerant Geologist, with musings more about travels, field trips, and...we will see how it evolves.  It will be added to my Blog List in due time.

Hopefully, a divergence of purpose will be revealed as there is not a desire for duplication between the two blogs, though individual posts may occur on both blogs (or a post will be cross-referenced on the other blog).

[The duplication of background photos is intended to be a short-term thing, until I find another background for this blog.]  

As I haven't blogged much the last few years ("blame" Facebook, including my photos, links, and posts on "Gwinnett Geologist"), I have to relearn pertinent formats and options for both blogs.

Hopefully both will provide interesting reading.

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