Sunday, March 3, 2013

Recovery...for the Backyard

Last year, I ranted about my backyard wildflower garden being buried under rocks and soil during renovations.  Now renamed the "Remembrance Garden", it has been rebuilt as shown in this photo from a few weeks ago.  As are all of my approximately 200 feet of rock walls, they are all "dry stack". 

This photo (from a different angle than above) shows the mess from last year, after it was partially cleaned up.  At the time, I had no idea what would survive and what wouldn't, if I ever got it cleaned up.  I was a bit demoralized, to say the least. 

As is mis-understood by those who are not artists, it is hard to classify something such as this as ever being completely "finished".  My supply of flat stones has been largely used up and with the sour economy, there has not been as much construction going on (plus "No Trespassing" signs (which I do not violate) are more prevalent than ever at construction sites), so work has slowed.

Just a few in-progress photos of work from last year.

More photos will be posted in later articles, as Spring reveals what has survived the burial and the Winter.  Included also will be photos of the other backyard walls, constructed of flat stones that were used in the front yard, prior to renovations.

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