Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 1 - It's Earth Science Week - What Can You Do?

One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Science Week (Oct. 9-15), is to show some appreciation to Earth Scientists.

 Here are some ideas:
  • Take an Earth Scientist to lunch.
  • Be patient with our eccentric ways.
  • Understand that just because we may not have books on sale at Barnes & Noble, that doesn't mean that we aren't writers. We are sujbect to "writer's block" and when the "dam bursts", we may need to write down our thoughts before we lose them.
  • Be empathetic with us - as during decades of travel with others - we pass thousands of rock outcrops and other sites of interest, without stopping.
  • Just because we talk to ourselves, we are not necessarily crazy, we may be rehearsing a lecture or an explanation of a particular scientific issue.
  • It is OK if we say "I don't know".  It doesn't mean we are not looking for an answer.
  • Part of being a scientist is observing things and seeking an explanation.  Don't be surprised if we take an interest in things outside of our particular discipline.
  • Many of us have a never-ending "yearning to learn", so please don't be offended (or surprised) if we bring a textbook or small reference book with us during a casual lunch.  We may be trying to reach a "learning plateau" on a particular subject, in case the opportunity arises to offer an educated opinion.
Other things may be added, as they come-to-mind.

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