Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gold! I Found Gold! [Original Post Date 2/20/06]

Naw, I ain't talking about the Olympics.

I found a little bit of gold in a small creek, on the west side of my hometown. It ain't enough to worry about, but I just had to tell someone!

To be honest about it, a local man told my dad 25+ years ago that he had found gold in this particular creek, but my dad was skeptical and he didn't get a chance to check it out before he passed away in late 1980. After I moved back here in early 1991, from time to time I thought about the creek, which is behind an office park. Finally, last summer I decided to check it out.

I "ran" a (gold) pan of sand from the creek and found a couple of tiny, tiny grains of gold. I went back last week and ran another pan and found three tiny, tiny grains. In fact, you need a hand lens to identify it as gold, but gold it is.

There are other interesting minerals in the "black sand" that concentrates in the bottom of the gold pan. These minerals, more dense than quartz, are referred to by geologists as "heavy minerals" and are usually composed of metallic oxides and other unusual minerals and it this case it includes small garnet crystals and fragments of larger garnets and other colorful stuff.

Yeah, I am having a mid-life crisis and this gives me an excuse to play in a creek. Heh.

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